4 Top Football Scorers in the UK

The British Isles are home to one of the best football leagues in the world. Since its formation in 1992, The Premier League has been attracting top talents and has been a go-to league for all players who wish to prove their worth. Of course, playing in such a league where the public’s eye is continuously fixed on you can be too overwhelming for players to find their footing and build successful careers.

When all the scrutiny and expectations are paired with the gruelling effort needed to reach the top, players are left with only their talent and sheer determination to obtain stardom. With this being said, you’ll have in mind a portion of what these players had to go through to reach our list of currently top football players in the UK.

Harry Kane

Harry Kane is an English striker and the captain of both Tottenham Hotspurs and England’s national team. He is considered not only one of the best players in the UK, but in the world as well. In the season 2017/2018, he played 37 matches for Tottenham and scored 30 goals, which made him the second top scorer in the league that season. Having got off a good start this season as well, he suffered possibly a season-ending injury, dispersing Tottenham’s dreams of fighting for the title.  

Eden Hazard

Probably one of the most creative and fastest players in the Premier League today is undoubtedly Chelsea’s Eden Hazard. Having played in 25 games this season, he managed to rake 12 goals and 10 assists this year, which make him the top in the assist category. Despite Chelsea’s struggles to get the right momentum, placing their faith in Eden Hazard will surely be a bet worth taking.

Sergio Aguero

Argentinian scorer Sergio Aguero is perhaps the most underrated football player in the Premier League. He is a member of Manchester City’s squad for which he played in 23 matches this season, scoring 17 goals and making 6 assists. One of the reasons why people underrate him might be that he is playing for Manchester City, the champions of the last season whose squad is filled with great names; however, his skill and talent are not to be denied.

Mohamed Salah

Liverpool’s top player Mohamed Salah from Egypt is beyond question one of the most prolific scorers in the Premier League and one of the best players on the island. He scored 32 goals in 36 appearances last season, which made him the top scorer in the league. This year, he continues to astound with his performances, having already scored 17 goals and it’s only mid-season.