Latest gadget releases

Gadgets make our life easier and more interesting, which is why it’s easy to understand why many people want to get the latest “toys” available. One might argue that the money you spend on gadgets would be better used if you invest it, or even gamble it at online sports bookmakers like bet365 2018. Well, you can do whatever you want with your money, so why not buy some expensive yet very entertaining gadgets? Let’s see a list of the most promising products of 2017.

PowerVision PowerRay underwater drone

Is this the first time you hear about underwater drones? Then it’s time you try the PowerVision. It can submerge up to 98 feet underwater to record 4k video streamed to the smartphone on which you install the app that controls the drone. You even have the option to wear VR goggles that allow you to see what the drone sees.

The Sleep Number 360 smart bed

Nowadays, everything seems to be smart ranging from your phone to your A/C that starts on its own when room temperature is too high. So, why not a smart bed? Yes, there’s no typo. Sleep Number 360 is a smart bed. You might be wondering what can be smart about a bed? For starters, it “feels” when you have cold feet and turns on the heat at the bottom of the bed. It can also compensate for changes in position. For example, when the system registers you are snoring, it raises your head a bit to reduce the volume. It can’t stop you altogether though, it’s not that smart.


This is more of a toy than a useful gadget and yet, it’s so cute and popular. You must have loved BB-8 in the latest Star Wars movie. Well, Sphero thought to make a reduced size robot that looks the same. The former version made collectors really happy, but this year’s BB-8 is even cooler. The cute little moving sphere has battle scarred paint and a so called force band that allows you to control the robot with just gestures. The droid costs around £180.


Olly is a smart home robot that can respond to your questions much like Siri looks up information on an iPhone. Moreover, the device learns your routine and evolves into something that’s more suited for your needs. It basically registers the patterns of your life to become a proactive assistant. Sounds pretty cool doesn’t it? The future is here.

Olly was designed by a group of neuroscience and robotics scientists. It’s not available for sale yet, but a release window has been set. Until then, the company created a website to market the product to prospective buyers. You can sign up for their newsletter to find out when the little AI home robot is out.

BACtrack Skyn alcohol level monitor

This wrist strap can determine your blood alcohol level. You no longer have to take several breathalyzer tests to see how much alcohol is still in your blood after that last drink you had an hour ago. It will be available for sale at about $99. BACtrack Skyn even has a wearable wrist strap for Apple Watch but it’s available as a simple wristband too.

You can even set the exact time when you had a drink and track how long it takes until it’s in your blood. This way, you will get to know yourself better and you’ll know when it’s time to stop drinking. You will determine the point where you feel nauseous and you’ll know how many drinks you can handle before the euphoria fades away and the ugly stuff begins.