Research Before Gambling – The Best and Worst Casino Game Odds

The odds are that if you go gambling, you will either win or lose. People say that it is either one or the other, but to a mathematician, that is laughable. Odds are something mathematicians can easily calculate and have often done some. Some of the most successful gamblers were very smart mathematicians. Yes, they do know the odds, yes, they will use them to their advantage. You are unlikely to convince a mathematician to bet on something where the odds are very much against them, unless they get a bonus code for online casinos. Yes, bonus codes can swing the odds, even by a bit, like these Resorts casino bonus codes.

For everyone else, here are the best and worst odds you can find in a casino. 


You versus the dealer. The rules of the game are simple, if you get closer to 21 than the dealer, you win. If you overshoot the number, you lose. It is not that difficult. If you are good with numbers, you have the advantage. Be careful not to go into card counting territory, however, because that can get you blacklisted out of a casino, or even multiple ones. Casinos are often in touch, for various reasons. Word spreads, especially today, with a push of a button or two.

Regardless, blackjack is one of those games where you have the biggest odds to win.


This game can be very intimidating for new players, especially the ones who are unfamiliar with how craps works. The point of the game is to make a bet on whether the shooter will or will not get a certain number with their dice. It’s that easy. The odds are slightly worse than blackjack, actually, a lot worse, but a lot better than the many other casino games you could play.


This is where things get tricky. While the rules of roulette are simple, winning is very difficult. You pick a red or black number, place your money on it, the wheel spins, the ball stops and you win. But, if you pick only a number, the game’s odds become that much more against you but it pays 36 times of what you bet. If you simply bet on the colors, red or black, you can double your bet and the odds are much better.

Slot Machines

Oh boy, the bane of many a gambler. Slot machines have the worst overall odds of any game in the casino. You should downright avoid them completely if you value your money and instead head on over to the blackjack table, or the roulette one, if you feel like watching rather than choosing to take another card or not. Either way, slot machines are definitely not the best choice compared to the other games.

These are the games with the best and worst odds, in order. If you are keen on winning something, try blackjack, craps or roulette, even. If you want to test your luck and your wallet, try slot machines. Whatever you choose, gamble responsibly.