Street style

Street style is seen by many people as ugly and out of place. It is difficult to dress like this and it certainly takes a bold personality to confidently wear such clothes. We want to help you achieve the street style look you want by giving you several tips and directions. The rest is up to your imagination and sense of fashion.

The weirder, the better

The first general rule is to not run away from clothes that the wide public would consider to be ugly. If people might think you are crazy and/or blind, you are probably dressing right for the style you chose to define your character. Don’t get intimidated and keep wearing what you love. It doesn’t matter what your mom/boyfriend/boss says.

A couple of examples of such pieces are cropped denim jackets and oversize contrast check shirts. Chopping off your jeans yourself is also fairly common in street style. For example, Yasmin Sewel showed up in a pair of chopped-off jeans at the London Fashion Week and people admired her frayed hems. People who dress weird get more respect, and usually, aside from celebrities, they are some e-sports gamers, fashion gurus, and people who love experimentation. There are tutorials online to help you cut the jeans the right way.

Messiness is accepted

Another rule of street style is to not seem like you are trying very hard to look a certain way. There’s nothing that says that more than messy hair. You can achieve this look regardless of hair type as long as you use the right products.

Unusual combinations

Wearing socks with heels is certainly unheard off but you would be surprised to see how much traction this look gains in the fashion world. You can wear both closed and open-toed shoes, whichever you prefer. Just make sure the weather conditions are adequate for covered feet. You don’t want sweat soaked socks.

The whole oversized/undersized look is gaining momentum. Celebrities who enjoy street style tend to mix short and baggy items, for example an oversized sweater and school boy shorts. You can also opt for one miss-sized item at a time if that’s better for you, such as a V-neck oversized jacket or laser-cut crepe shorts.

Sneakers are in

Sneakers seem to go with any piece of clothing in street style: baggy jeans, dresses, skirts, and even leather pants, the latter being the newest trend in this branch of fashion. Forget the high heels and get into a comfortable pair of sneakers next time you want to wear those leather pants you’re dying to show the world.