What the Welsh Bet on the Most

I was recently reading a review of the new bookmaker MoPlay, so I went on to check out all of the sports available on it while at it. That got me into thinking about what the Welsh people in general bet on the most.

I did quick research on the most popular sports in Wales, as well as the sports markets available in most bets in this small country. The result is a list of the sports that the Welsh people enjoy watching and placing bets on the most. So, if you’re in Wales, don’t miss the chance to bet on these.


Rugby is one of the most popular sports in Wales. There is a big debate about whether football or rugby is more popular in Cardiff, its capital city, but the outcome is always uncertain. Some say that rugby is the national sport of the country, and even if it isn’t, it’s often acknowledged as a national symbol.

Betting on rugby is provided by every bookmaker and it takes up the biggest percentage of all the bets placed in Wales. This means that there are many different types of bets that you can make and the odds are always very competitive.


The second most popular (or the first, if you ask some!) sport in Wales to play and bet on is definitely football. When in the country, you will hear it time and again that the ball in Wales is round. Cardiff, the capital city of Wales, has the biggest stadiums in the country and there is plenty of them. A lot of high-profile games are played on these stadiums, so it is no wonder football is that popular.

Like anywhere in the world, Welsh people can bet on football in every single bet in the country, be it online, or land-based. Bet on the amazing Welsh national team, the Premier league, or smallest of world’s leagues – it’s all possible in Wales.

Ice Hockey

Ice hockey has an important place in the hearts of many Welsh people. It is a very popular sport, in part thanks to the Cardiff Devils. Founded in 1986, this Cardiff’s professional team has been very successful throughout its long tradition, with numerous games played and won against different teams across the UK and the world.

Ice hockey games and bets will be ranked very highly on sports betting websites and they will always have a dedicated section in Wales. If you ever happen to visit Wales, you should definitely try your luck by placing a bet on the Cardiff Devils!


Have you heard about Korfball? Perhaps you haven’t, but every person living in Wales has. They have also probably played it at some point in their lives. The sport that is very similar to netball and basketball holds an important place in Cardiff. There is actually not one professional Korfball team in Cardiff but four of them!

Korfball plays an important role in Cardiff’s identity so it comes as no surprise that the Welsh place many bets on this sport every day. If you want to try something different and not bet only on the tried and tested sports like football and basketball, Korfball is the way to go!